My Story

I am a young girl trying to make the world more beautiful. I dress the world like I make a gift. I dress the world to make you, my client, the life easier, better, happier, more interesting.
You probably don't know me. Romania knows Alexandra David ... Personal Shopper. And because this site wouldn't exist without me, here we go, I tell you its story.


Four years ago I felt that I want to give more. I felt like working in a multinational wasn't enough. That's why I wanted to create a space where I can share to people the things I've learned over time, the expertise I have gained, a space to talk about my hobbies that might inspire people.
Although I grew up in a world that puts so much accent on the outside, on how good-looking, on how beautiful you dress and how flawless is your makeup, on that beauty for which teams of full stylists work, meanwhile I understood that it's not just about that. The beauty isn't complete only with a "perfect look".
The hours spent in salons or stores help only at the surface. I'm not saying all this are not important, but I realized on my own skin that without an inner balance you can't shine.


So, I wanted to create a world in which we can learn to live beautiful both outside, and inside. I am a person who lives beautiful. Fashion was the starting point of site.
In time, I changed myself, I rediscovered myself, I understood how important it is to know who you really are and how important is the self-knowledge work. And will change. It will become a community that inspires, who wants to give courage to women living in accordance with their wishes, not according to the expectations of society, a community where women can learn how to develop in an authentic way and how can they have the life they want.


I want to make you change your life. Let me give you the courage to feel and choose according to what your soul wants. Me and only inspire and give courage. You're doing the change, and this is the biggest reward for me!